About Us

1+ Years

Who we are ?

Siltech is an electric mobility ecosystem development company leading Africa with durable and innovative Electric Vehicles. We currently play in over 80% of the electric vehicle value chain providing battery assemblage, vehicle manufacturing, charging infrastructure, consultancy and after-sales services. We are the foremost electric mobility ecosystem driver in Africa with operations commencing in 2016.

The Mission

Siltech wants to empower Africans with durable and affordable innovative solutions on e-mobility through our personally customized electric vehicles suitable for use within any industrial sector and geographical landscape.

The Vision

Siltech strives to be the leading builder of e-mobility ecosystems in Africa by 2035.

Our Core values

  • Sustainability – we consider sustainability-thinking by using the triple bottom line of planet, profit and people in business decision making.
  • Innovation – we customize our products in innovative ways to satisfy the request of our customers using AI-powered app, 3D printing, and engineering design.
  • Teamwork - we operate a team-based production system required to build our EVs.
  • Excellence – we cannot strive for less than perfect because our EVs must be solution providers.
  • Founder's Profile

  • Tolu Williams is a Global thought leader - Pioneering the Acceleration and Manufacturing of Electric Mobility Technology and Renewable Energy Solutions in Africa. A climate change enthusiast with 11 years of techincal Ev Deployment expertise and experience accross Africa. An Analytical professional focused on Productive and Economic uptake of Clean Energy.